Days until Election Day


Clean Energy

As one of the Energy Leaders in the U.S., our community and its jobs are tied to the Energy Sector. With jobs pivoting to Clean Energy, Texas needs to invest in the Katy, Richmond, Pecan Grove, and Cinco Ranch areas to ensure we’re not losing jobs, but creating jobs.


I believe everyone should have equal access to affordable, high-quality healthcare with the ability to pay for all necessary medical procedures and prescriptions. Texas can act to expand Medicaid to cover more citizens, and I will work to get it done.


Teachers, School staff, and administrators are the backbone of our community and lead our future through the edification of our children. We need to ensure that they are paid accordingly. I will take a common-sense approach to ensure high-quality education reaches all children while at the same time analyzing data to reduce tax burdens.


Texas needs to invest in flood protection infrastructure and regulating our power grid. We need a legislature that not only works on fixing damage but making sure it doesn’t happen again. I will work to protect your family and home so that we’re prepared for the next storm.

Gun Safety

New legislation letting people open carry guns without training threatens public safety. Owning and having the right to have firearms is a time-honored tradition and definitely, an instrument of self-defense that is important to Texans. A common-sense approach to firearm possession and minimal requirements to possession firearms attending a CHL/tactical firearm course would not only promote business to local shooting ranges and instructors but also increase jobs.

Tort Reform

The Texas Republican Majority in power for the last 30 years, have essentially striped away our 7th Amendment Rights. The laws have been made so convoluted and confusing for regular people to handle and attorneys are refusing to take these cases due to these restrictions and costs to them. This leaves many injured Texans that have no access to healthcare to navigate the court system without the expertise needed to get fair judgment. The bottom line is that when the law is left to lobbyists and career politicians, instead of judges and juries, everyday Texans are left “holding the bag”. Big corporations and big insurance companies are faring better because our state has shielded them from accountability. We need changes in these legislative policies. This is one of the reasons why I am running for House District 26, to continue protecting the people of Texas and preserve their 7th Amendment rights, like I have for 15 years as a family law civil servant.