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Days until Election Day

Protecting families forover a decade

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Find a polling location

Early voting has started! Avoid the Election Day lines and vote between October 24 and November 4.

Use the Fort Bend County polling location map to find an early voting election center near you.

Fix our power grid and invest in our future with alternate power sources.

Lower healthcare costs and expand access for everyone.

Protect our Public Schools by increasing teacher pay and raising the age to 21 to purchase a gun.

Fix our roads and protect our homes and businesses from future floods.

District lines have been redrawn

House District 26 has been redrawn since the 2020 election. The new district lines include a significant portion of HD 28’s former layout.

This new district map marginalizes the Democratic vote in the district and alters the demographics of the area. Using 2020 data, the Democratic vote has gone from a 3.2% lead to 11.1% loss.

Find out which district you live in with the Texas Tribune’s redistricting map tool. Be sure to scroll down to the State House section after entering your address.

Maps and data are sourced from the Texas Tribune.

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